My artistic approach is to make assemblages in the public space or a natural setting, using materials gathered while I walk. Walking is fundamental to what I do, as I have no idea what I will create before I go.

By picking up objects, the work reveals itself. I transform the collected material in situ and the compositions are made out in the open, using minimal technical means. This allow for a kind of freedom and spontaneity while highlighting a more problematic arc of general over-consumption and environmental degradation.

Being exposed to the actual climate of the outdoors, my pieces are ephemeral, so to speak. Their relative fragility will remind the viewer of a poetic force that can be found in precariousness, and of a concept of impermanence evoking eastern philosophies like Buddhism and Taoism.

Personally, I like to walk to abandoned places and dumping sites. As if they were the very limit of the world, they ignite my creativity. In their chaos, I feel a glimpse of possible realities and new forms are visible.

I find that the more I create, the more I move towards a happy, spontaneous expression. I believe in the revolutionary potential of a joyous affect and the kind of social contagion humor brings about. I think of my artwork as motivated by an idea public health, resulting in pieces that will simply put you in a good mood when you notice them on your way to work, the gallery, the river, back home etc.